Wooden Baby Gym


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Introducing The Wooden Baby Gym locally made using Kiaat and Meranti.

It’s the perfect spot for babies to love and lay under, promoting sensory stimulation with an array of colours and shapes sure to fascinate.

When your little one kicks and reaches for toys, they are giving themselves one great workout, strengthening core muscles and working on his/hers hand-eye co-ordination at the same time.

Effortlessly easy to fold up and pack away, our baby gym is secured with leather thongs and sealed with an all natural blend of olive oil and beeswax, making it toxic free and all natural.

Dimensions: 790 x 790 x 35mm

Toys and play mat sold separately.

Made in Cape Town

Out of stock


This baby gym is versatile and practical. You may also get household uses from the baby gym, hang your little one’s favourite clothing, or the Krokenoster hanging felt toys.

The possibilities with this baby gym are endless!


  • The baby gym is designed to encourage and promote independent play. This is a very different concept to unsupervised play and we do not recommend that your child uses the gym unsupervised.
  • Independent free play means letting your little ones explore and discover their own space, in their own time and in their own way.
  • Unsupervised play with children poses a danger no matter the activity or toy.
  • With adult supervision, it offers enormous benefits to a child of any age.
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