What on Earth am I?


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What on Earth am I? A children’s book investigating complex topics, like identity, diversity, and existentialism, for kids.

It is a wonderful picture book for children with more questions than answers about the world.

The book follows a young child’s over-active imagination, which often leaves them confused as to what kind of creature they are.

They try their very best to discover the answer by recalling the many creatures that they’ve read about in their storybooks and fairytales.

“I’ve been reading all these stories, and they’ve got me quite confused. Because they feature all these creatures, and I’m really not amused”.

Published in South Africa 

3 in stock



  • Lara Salomon


  • Megan Bird

Book specs:

  • 20cm x 20cm
  • 36 soft pages
  • softcover


  • 978-0-6399343-0-3 

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