Vumile and the Dragon by Claerwen Howie


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When Joe and Katie arrive to stay on their granny’s farm during the September holidays something unexpected happens. Katie follows Morris and discovers a baby dragon. Or does she?

Vumile and the Dragon is ideal for Pre-teens, Mums, Dads, Gogos and Oupas

Written and Illustrated in South Africa

3 in stock


Book Details:
RELEASE: May 2012
TITLE: Vumile and the Dragon
AUTHOR: Claerwen Howie
ILLUSTRATORS: Lisa Strachan and Meg Jordi
ISBN: 978-0-9802610-2-8
GENRE: Pre-teens/environment
ILLUSTRATIONS: 7 full colour plates, 2 colour details by Lisa Strachan and 13 Halftones by Meg Jordi
FORMAT: Soft cover
SIZE: 210 x 210 mm
Pages: 40

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