The Stella Clip


Necessity is the mother of invention! Introducing the one-of-a-kind, unique, cant live without, the MAGIC Stella Clip!

A magnetic clip made from prime South African leather, a clip that can be used for pretty much everything and anything, it’s that cool!

The Stella Clip has many purposes, primarily, to make an active life with a newborn easier. It is so much more today, with versatility, practicality and flexibility, it’s like having an extra set of hands.

With the strongest neodymium magnets, they are also lightweight making them invincible! There are no materials the Stella Clip can’t handle. Wood, paper, plastic metal, fabric, glass you name it! With it’s smooth magnetic surfaces, covered by the leather, it is super safe to use on most fragile materials as it will not hook or damage once put on or removed.

The Stella will clip, hang and hold pretty much anything from hats, scarves, dummies, act as “hands free”, keep doors open to create an airflow in babas room, create a womb environment (warm and dark), protect your little ones from 4 seasons in one day and need someone to take your selfie?!

No matter what your age, Let the Stella Clip help you.

Each clip is handmade with lots of love, which makes them extra unique, extra special and extra beautiful.

Each clip is sold as a set of 2 pieces, they do not serve their purpose if sold as single clips.

Handmade in Cape Town, South Africa



  • Locally sourced South African leather to fulfil durability, ethics and look.


  • Neodymium Magnets
  • With unique characteristics that allows the clips to hold significant weight in relation to their size

Stella Clips

  • Each clip is made by hand with precision, care and lots of love
  • Each clip comes in 2 pieces to hang, hold and clip


  • Mix x1 cup of water, x1 tsp sunlight liquid, x1 tsp baby soap – (only use a small mount of liquid to clean clip)
  • Use a cloth and wipe down with the solution wash
  • Flat dry in the sun

The Conditioning

  • Use any natural oils (olive coconut or leather conditioner)
  • Use cloth to massage/wipe oil into leather
  • Let clip dry in sun

Additional information


Charlie Brown (toffee with toffee stitching) 2pcs, Karoo Sand (beige with cream stitching) 2pcs, Swartland Fields (black with black stitching) 2pcs


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