The Puppet Family


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Meet the whole family! uMama, uBaba, uButhi and uSisi. Beautifully created to represent each member in an authentic way.

Puppets makes story time come alive and that much more fun! The family of Puppets help to spark the imagination of our little ones, puppets are a fun and great tool which can also be used to teach or reinforce principles and lessons and just have simply fun and play.

This fabulous family promote an abundance of fun and play with the advantage that all age groups join in!

Made in South Africa



Benefits of Puppet play with the members of the Puppet Family;

  • Activates brain regions that allow children to develop empathy, social information and processing skills, more so when playing by themselves.
  • Makes story time adventurous, fun and memorable
  • Everybody tells a story
  • The whole family gets involved

Family members;

  • Choose your favourite or all members of the family
  • uBaba
  • uMama
  • uButhi
  • uSisi
  • Design work & clothing is locally made providing localised flavour.

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Mommy Puppet, Daddy Puppet, Brother Puppet, Sister Puppet

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