Songs with Lali


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Come sing with Lali!

With these fun 27 hits by Lali, you have all the best fun!

Enjoy the old favourite nursery rhymes and some new funky songs for everyone to sing along! Songs with Lali also comes in the different languages of South Africa, so it’s not only fun but also educational! How cool…

It’s also a great must have CD that includes some bed time songs, perfect to unwind to, sit back and relax. Or, a great tool for kids to create their own lyrics too, opening that realm of imagination… The CD includes lyrics too.

Songs with Lali is desired to be in every nursery school and the no.1 on every child’s playlist.

Locally written & produced in South Africa

10 in stock


  • Songs with Lali consist of 27 songs
  • 15 songs have lyrics included
  • 12 songs are instrumentals which gives the children a fun opportunity to sing to.
  • The music is available on most digital music platforms.


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