Seder Plate


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Passover will be here in just a couple of days! And with Passover comes the wonderful Passover Seder. Your little one’s can now have their very own Seder plate that won’t spoil.

Making Passover extra special and unique, this Seder plate is fun for the whole family.

With 5 removable items on the plate, your littles one’s will celebrate their traditional Passover in style

Handmade in South Africa

1 in stock


  • 100% pure felt
  • Velcro strip making it extra easy to move items around and play
  • Easy and mess free

Whats on the Seder plate;

  • Shank bone (Zeroa)
  • Egg (Beitzah)
  • Bitter herb (Maror)
  • Vegetable (Karpas)
  • Charoset
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