Pink Pom Pom Mobile


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Pink Planets

Simple yet so pretty, this pink and grey gradient baby mobile is one to have in your little girls room.


  • Each and every piece is Handmade to perfection
  • Materials used for all elements are poly felt, wool felt, wool felt balls and wool pom poms.
  • Cotton and wax thread used for assembly
  • The poly felt is brought from local suppliers and offcuts of wool felt is collected from local furniture manufacturers.


  • Made in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Support local economies creating sustainable products with care for quality

Out of stock


Baby nursery decor featuring Nature’s finest. Handmade from felt & wool. Every mobile is unique.

Designed to entertain newborns and create a love for Earth’s beautiful wildlife.


  • Mobile is mounted on a 10inch Bamboo hoop with a 2cm long cord supplied with a brass cup hook
  • The mobiles hang at about 600mm length

By purchasing a nursery mobile you will be supporting the training, upliftment and employment of local women in Cape Town who assist with the stitching of these special products.

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