Paper Wall Dispenser with 50m Newsprint Roll


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Minimalist, versatile and built to last, the Paper Wall Dispenser is a must-have item in any home!

The simplicity of design, versatility and functionality makes it the perfect addition to any room in the house. 

Whether it’s used for home-schooling, classroom teaching, playroom doodles or to create the weekly grocery list at home, the Paper Wall Dispenser provides the perfect place to write it all down.
The roller is sturdy enough to hold entire rolls of paper and dispense it seamlessly. The bottom strip of steel ensures a clean rip while the high-quality roller makes it easy to pull down more paper as you need it.

Out of stock



  • 500x110x150mm

Kit Includes:

  • All the bits & bobs you need for installation
  • 50m paper
  • Backing plastic for textured walls
  • Easy to follow instruction manual


  • Kids room for scribbling
  • Kitchen for recipes
  • Office for notes
  • Cafe/Deli for menus
  • Lounge for decor


  • Kraft paper or Newsprint paper roll


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