My Ausome Superpowers children’s book


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A new book in the series of Alex and Adams Ausome Adventures.

Meet Ausome Alexander, as he takes us on a journey to discover his superpowers.

Alex, who has Ausome Autism Superpowers. Come into his world as he shows you how much he loves his super powers and how Autism does not define him.

This beautiful, heart-warming children’s book is filled with fun activities, 4 pages for your little one to draw themselves as a superhero and fun illustrations to colour in.

Liesel Gaffley brings yet another exciting childrens book to life, celebrating the beautiful world of autism and its uniqueness.

Crayons are not included with the book.

Published in South Africa

5 in stock


Written by:
  • Liesel Gaffley
Illustrations by:
  • Terry Vincent
  • 978-0-6397-2271-9
  • A5
  • 40 pgs
  • Paperback
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