Mud Kitchen


Want to help mum or dad in the kitchen? We’ve got your covered! Your little one now has their very own kitchen all to themselves! Cook, clean, get messy, this mud kitchen is an investment to any little one’s happiness!

Cook indoors or outdoors, now your little one can learn how to be their very own Masterchef!

Or looking for a perfect and precious gift, look no further! This beautiful Wooden Mud Kitchen is made from premium lasting wood, making sure it lasts for generations to come.

Comes with a stainless steel dish, hooks to hang either spoons or cups and utensils. Each kitchen has an open space at the bottom next to the oven for dishes or anything they would love to place there.

Made for the coolest moments and memories in the kitchen, endless amounts of creativity, cooking and imaginary play. This will become any little one’s favourite.

Made in South Africa 



  • 45cm (D) x 76cm (H) x 80cm (W)


  • Made from
  • Comes with a stainless steel dish, hooks to hang either spoons or cups and utensils.


If you are investing in wooden toys particular those that will be left outdoors, you’ll make sure you want to extend their lifespan by protecting and maintaining them as best as you can from the harsh outdoor elements.

Every mud kitchen already comes treated and protected, but it is important to take extra precaution and care for them correctly.

  • We recommend that you choose a sheltered spot to store your kitchen when not in use
  • Keep out of rain or wet areas
  • Clean as soon as you notice dirt, bird droppings or any other grime
  • Natural untreated wood will naturally start to loose colour, in the unlikely event of this happening, maintain with light sanding, a coat of oil or wax every 6 months.
  • A fun family project of fresh new paint or a change of colour may be applied every 1-3 years.

Follow these basic tips to keep your wooden toys precious, looking great and protected.

Additional information

Dimensions 45 × 80 × 76 cm
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