Magical Capes


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Who doesn’t want to dress up as their favourite superhero or fantasy character?

These original, local, unique and handmade capes are perfect for every hero that needs their super cape! Perfect for any dress up party, halloween and so much more!

The magical capes are not only beautifully designed but come with detailed collar design to finish off their magic!

These capes will leave any child feeling magical and ready to take over as they become their favourite magical character!

Made in South Africa


  • Made from pure cottons
  • comes with draw ties at the back of the collar, adjust to size
  • Available in a variety of fun colours
  • Perfect for any costume, dress up or even halloween!


  • 4-7 years

Additional information


Black lace, Brown with orange collar, White with blue collar, Red with red and gold collar, Purple with purple and gold collar, Black and orange Viking hood, Brown Viking hood, Blue with white lace, Grey with red collar, Turquoise with green collar, Purple cape with white draw strings, Beige cape with brown draw strings, Lime green with green draw strings, Red cape with purple glitter, Red cape with purple detailed draw strings, Red cape with red glitter draw strings, Purple lace with white draw strings, Brown cape with brown detailed draw strings, Red cape with pink glitter draw strings, Blue polka dots cape with brown detailed drawstrings


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