Lali Bicycle Doll


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The making of the next African cyclist may begin here with Lali, she’s fully kitted on her bike! Meet Lali, she’s a gorgeous girl with a beautiful natural fro who loves to cycle and be outdoors.

Lali on her bicycle plays it super safe, wearing closed shoes and strong helmet. She is super cool, especially in her super cute sporty outfit!

Lali bends, sits, stands, has one of a kind dance moves and even rides bikes… She can do everything that her little friends can do too. She inspires her friends to think and dream BIG!

Lali is a beautiful African girl with lovely big hair that children can play with. She is encourages children to be active and be adventurous and spend more time doing the things they love.

She inspires and boost confidence those who haven’t ridden a bike to try, those who do ride to ride along with her and those who have no hope of ever owning a bike to keep dreaming.

Made in South Africa



Included in the box;

  • Lali Doll
  • Lali’s Bicycle
  • Lali’s Helmet & sunglasses
  • Lali is dressed in a sporty pair of shorts with a printed tee and closed shoes
Lali is available in two super sporty outfits;
  • White t-shirt, orange shorts
  • Pink t-shirt, blue shorts
Lali comes with two different hairstyles;
  • Long straight plated hair
  • Big afro

Lali is currently only available in her afro

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White t-shirt, orange shorts, Pink t-shirt, blue shorts

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