Iki and Arki and the Amazing World of Music


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Meet Iki and Arki and join them in their wonderful world of music!

Starting to play an instrument can be fun, but learning to read music is more like hard work that’s why Iki and Arki are here to help.

This fun read is about two space kids that crash their spaceship on the Amazing World of Music. In this world they meet people like Miss Treble Clef and her brother Mr Bass Clef, Sergeant Clock and Mr Banker who knows all about note values.

Iki and Arki have to be home in time for dinner, but with a crashed spaceship they may be in a bit of trouble. Luckily, a helpful squirrel, Squiz introduces them to the magical wizard that can fix their spaceship, but on one condition, Iki and Arki must learn to read music first.

This story is fun, bright, colourful and drawn like a comic, it’s so easy to read.

Included at the back is an awesome workbook that not only helps Iki and Arki but everyone else learning with them.

To test what you’ve learnt, theres is a crossword puzzle “Terrible Treble Clef Maze”, a Wild World challenge and solve Sticky Staves.

This book of greatness is aimed at kids aged 7-11, but also enjoyed amongst younger and older ages.

Made in South Africa

13 in stock


  •  Paperback
  • Pages: 48
  • 210 x 297 mm
  •  21 Feb 2007
  •  Cape Town, South Africa
  •  9780620379809


  • Primarily 7-8 years old but enjoyed by younger kids and loved by teenagers too

Theory Book:

  • Includes 16 pages of worksheets, including word games, puzzles, memory challenges


Additional information

Dimensions 21 × 29 cm
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