How do you feel today? English


How do you feel today? A simple question, but is it really though?

There is a whole spectrum of emotions, and it’s important that children learn how to cope with each one of them and to verbalise them.

“Pallettis” is a funny dude who helps children navigate through their feelings. It looks like a little bear, but it could also be a chubby mouse, or a friendly racoon. We intentionally designed it without resembling one specific animal (or gender), because we want kids to focus on its distinctive facial expressions and body language while looking at it.

Positive and negative feelings are both equally important to help children to get to know themselves better. Because teaching children to recognise and verbalise their emotions means raising a future generation of conscious adults, who can cope with their feelings and not shut them down.

Handmade in South Africa


Artist: illustrated by Valentina Mondelli for Amaranto Collection.

Technique: watercolour on paper.

Paper: printed on off-white textured Pastel 160gsm paper.

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A4 (210mm x 297mm), A3 (297mm x 420mm)

Framed or Unframed

Framed – with wooden frame, Unframed – just the poster

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