Envirokid Forest Friends Advent Calendar


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Count down the days to Christmas with this beautiful Advent Calendar.

The perfect gift for children, friends and family. Parents can fill the pockets with sweets. biscuits, money, or little simple presents.

 If your gift is too big to fit into a pocket, use the pockets to put clues of where you’re hiding a gift or perhaps a special message or piece of text.

Our Forest Friends Calendar is especially nice for little children, they can identify all the woodland animals and even use it as a special wall hanging to keep treasures in after Christmas.


1 in stock


MATERIAL: Digitally printed on 100% natural cotton canvas with wooden dowel stick

SIZE: 450mm x 850mm

POCKET SIZES: Largest 150mm x 160mm smallest 65mm x 75mm

WEIGHT: 1 kg

DIMENSIONS: 1 × 45 × 70 cm



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