Felt car seat toys


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Introducing the sweetest string of Safari friends or Ocean animals!

These cool car seat toys will soothe with our soft bells and entertain, with our awesome themed animals, even the smallest of babies all car ride long.

Our favourite car seat/stroller toys incorporate brightly coloured friends that make just enough sound to keep Baby’s attention.

An infant car seat toy is still a must-have.  And who can’t justify the necessity of owning a few  toys that will get you through the early years of parenthood?

Made in South Africa


Ocean Theme:

  • Made from local linen materials
  • String of 4 Ocean animals (Whale, Starfish, Seashell and black sea urchin)
  • Comes with soft bells

Safari Theme:

  • Made from local felt
  • String of 4 Safari friends (Elephant, Giraffe, Monkey and Lion)
  • Comes with soft bells


  • A choice of either Safari theme or Ocean theme.

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Safari theme, Ocean theme

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