Fabric Sensory Book


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A beautiful handmade sensory book using sustainably sourced cotton for the pages, and a combination of linens, corduroy, cotton and felt to keep your little one engaged as they explore this book.

This beauty of a book is x10 pages filled with the most adorable designs that are attached with a patch of velcro, convenient and easy to remove and stick back on, simply no fuss.

  • Made in Cape Town, South Africa

Out of stock


A gorgeous range of toys for your little ones.

Our soft toys are handmade in Cape Town from natural linens and cottons.
Each one will be a memorable edition to your household and to your little ones’ development.

Each one of our products from our apparel and accessories range is hand crafted with care, in Cape Town, South Africa using only natural fabrics and packaging in keeping with a conscious and sustainable way of life.

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