Earth Takes a Break


Earth Takes a Break is a deceptively powerful message captured and disguised as a simple children’s book.

With big, colourful illustrations, there is touching depth, as We, individuals, the World as one, and the Earth emerge from the Coronavirus crisis and look to a better future.

This heart-felt book is about Earth’s experience of lockdown.

Earth feels unwell and goes to the doctors. What the doctors prescribed seemed impossible to Earth until she wakes up the next day to a surprising change.

A gentle, timeless story of hope. A Modern fable inspired by recent events. Earth takes a break is a touching book jam packed with fun illustrations and woven together with a striking message.

Published in South Africa



  • Emily House
  • Earth Takes a Break was illustrated and Published during the first lockdown of 2020.
  • (L) 21 x 0.3 x (W) 28 cm


  • 32 pages
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